BUGFIXES - MAR 11 2023

More bug fixes! And a few small balance changes, mostly due to bug fixing.


  • BUGFIX: Permanent polymorph is permanent
  • BUGFIX: Ceiling stealing is more difficult now
  • BUGFIX: Perks - Always Cast now has a bigger pool of possible spells
  • BUGFIX: Perks - Teleportitis didn't grant the damage reduction
  • BUGFIX: Perks - Breathless perk could leave the o2 meter being displayed forever
  • BUGFIX: Frozen vault now has Pakkasukkos
  • BUGFIX: Polymorphing does not reset player's stats
  • BUGFIX: Ukko's empty kill message
  • BUGFIX: UI - inventory now displays melee damage
  • BUGFIX: UI - negative damage numbers were off by one
  • BUGFIX: UI - Explosion damage is now displayed correctly
  • BUGFIX: Runestones are more random now
  • BUGFIX: Chest contents are a bit more random
  • BUGFIX: Destruction doesn't destroy a certain thing that could have been destroyed
  • BUGFIX: Steam Could was counted as a secret in the Progress menu
  • BUGFIX: Kummitus could spawn without a wand
  • BUGFIX: Invisible wand ghosts have been ghost busted and adjusted
  • BUGFIX: Infinite flying with saving/loading has been fixed
  • BUGFIX: Spells to Power crash has been fixed
  • BUGFIX: A friend is a bit more friendly now


  • UPDATE: No Wand Tinkering is now more rewarding and healthy
  • UPDATE: After killing a certain leggy creature, the creature appears in the polymorph pool


  • MODDING: Lua - added GameGetAllInventoryItems()
  • MODDING: Lua - added GameCreateCosmeticParticle()
  • MODDING: F9 - now allows for not displaying the debug log
  • MODDING: SHIFT + F9 - now clears the debug log


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