UPDATE: Added support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons
UPDATE: Added localization for missing items

UPDATE: Combined Faster Swimming and Breathless; now Breathless gives both drowning immunity and better swimming ability
UPDATE: Reduced the cast delay increase in Concentrated Spells slightly and gave it a more accurate description

BUGFIX: Fixed sprites that caused a minor graphics glitch
BUGFIX: Inventory quick keys can now be mouse buttons
BUGFIX: Update available notice should now work
BUGFIX: Removal of the Lukki perk is now fixed
BUGFIX: Too many error messages could have affected performance
BUGFIX: Few rare crashes have been fixed
BUGFIX: Rare bug in wand code fixed
BUGFIX: Progress achievements sometimes failed
BUGFIX: Typos in few descriptions have been fixed
BUGFIX: Sauvojen Tuntija - certain spawn configuration didn't work properly
BUGFIX: Physics body duplication bug should be fixed
BUGFIX: Stability of PWs has been improved
BUGFIX: Fast travel in PWs is now more stable
BUGFIX: Rare crash in PWs fixed

MODDING: Options / Mod Settings - error spam reduced
MODDING: Game now supports a greater number of CameraBounded entities
MODDING: Localization - loading translation files now reports errors
MODDING: Lua - added CellFactory_GetTags()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetHerdRelationSafe()

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Version 8 Apr 15, 2021

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