Noita Sauna Update - Hotfixes

HOTFIXES - Dec 1 2020

FEATURE: Essence to Power

UPDATE: Spells to Power can no longer use Levitation Trail as a source
UPDATE: Made Personal Plasma Beam slightly stronger and able to cut through more materials
UPDATE: Concentrated Spells adds some damage to your shots
UPDATE: Pinpointer increases your accuracy and projectile speed
UPDATE: Personal Plasma Beam kills are no longer accidental
UPDATE: Personal Plasma Beam destroys wood and other soft materials
UPDATE: Homunculi and Tiny Ghost gain extra damage as you explore further
UPDATE: Made Personal Plasma Beam slow down your spellcasting a bit less
UPDATE: Pinpointer orange instead of red to avoid confusion
UPDATE: Made homunculi no longer pick up wands
UPDATE: Made homunculi able to wander a bit further away before teleporting back
UPDATE: Added a damage cap to Essence to Power (Max. 6000 damage per projectile)
UPDATE: Added an explosion radius cap to Spells to Power

UPDATE: Personal Plasma Beam has audio

UPDATE: Optimization - Sprite animation lookups are faster
UPDATE: Optimization - Massively improved Spiral Shot performance

BGUFIX: A new item has its correct name
BUGFIX: Gamepad UI focus was lost when entering progress menu
BUGFIX: Gamepad UI focus was lost when entering some options menu pages
BUGFIX: Mod settings fold buttons repeated hover sound when hovered
BUGFIX: Fixed a few lua bugs
BUGFIX: Pinpointer's additional effects weren't loaded properly
BUGFIX: Fixed certain projectiles not interacting with new modifiers correctly
BUGFIX: Coward should be a bit less likely to teleport its friends inside walls
BUGFIX: Fixed fire traps in Temple of the Art also dealing projectile damage
BUGFIX: Twitch integration - Fixed the specific homunculi summoning events always picking a random one anyway
BUGFIX: Fixed two issues in localizations

MODDING: Improved gui and setting lua API documentation
MODDING: Fixed some typos in lua API documentation

MODDING: Lua - NOTE: GuiImage() has new parameter order
MODDING: Lua - GuiImage() takes new optional scale_y, rect_animation_playback and rect_animation_name parameters, made more parameters optional
MODDING: Lua - GuiLayoutBeginVertical() takes optional position_in_ui_scale, margin_x and margin_y parameters
MODDING: Lua - GuiLayoutBeginHorizontal() takes optional position_in_ui_scale, margin_x and margin_y parameters
MODDING/BUGFIX: Lua - GuiGetPreviousWidgetInfo() had wrong types for the first three return values

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Version 5 Dec 01, 2020

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