Noita 1.0 - Sauna Update - Nov 24 2020

The 15th update is out! This time we've focused on game balance, improvements and bug fixes, but there's also a lot of new stuff to discover and experiment with.

Among the highlights are a new well-hidden biome, a new building to chill in called Sauna, and changes that make Temple of the Art a bit more interesting. Biome modifiers are now communicated more clearly when entering a biome. The whole game has again been localized to ten different languages.

A large part of the user interface library used by Noita is now also available to mods, and there's a new menu that mods can use as a common location for their settings.

RELEASE NOTES - Nov 24 2020
(Scroll past the wall of text for fan art and more!)

FEATURE: New enemy: Turvattomuusmestari
FEATURE: New enemy: Kuihdutusmestari
FEATURE: New enemy: Turvalennokki
FEATURE: New enemy: Raukka
FEATURE: New enemy: Taivaankatse

FEATURE: New perk: Pinpointer
FEATURE: New perk: Projectile Repulsion Sector
FEATURE: New perk: Projectile Eater
FEATURE: New perk: Projectile Slower
FEATURE: New perk: Low Recoil
FEATURE: New perk: Personal Plasma Beam
FEATURE: New perk: Extra Shop Item

FEATURE: New spell: Ball Lightning
FEATURE: New spell: Nolla
FEATURE: New spell: Accelerative homing
FEATURE: New spell: Zeta
FEATURE: New spell: Phi
FEATURE: New spell: Homebringer Teleport Bolt
FEATURE: New spell: Myriad Spell
FEATURE: New spell: Magical Explosion
FEATURE: New spell: Spells to Power
FEATURE: New spell: Summon Omega Sawblade
FEATURE: New spell: Spiraling Arc
FEATURE: New spell: Orbit Arc
FEATURE: New spell: Temporary Wall
FEATURE: New spell: Temporary Platform
FEATURE: New spell: Summon Missile

FEATURE: New structure: Sauna
FEATURE: New dangerous props in Temple of the Art
FEATURE: Spell shops in Holy Mountains have twice the spells to sell!
FEATURE: New work-in-progress area, deep underground...
UPDATE: New background in Coal Pits
UPDATE: Slight increase in variety in the Temple of the Art layout

UPDATE: Patsas enemies no longer need to breathe
UPDATE: Curse of greed advances a tiny tiny bit slower
UPDATE: Sätkymestari shots make player projectiles hurt the player
UPDATE: Rebalanced the Tower rewards and gave them their own names
UPDATE: Certain legendary spells are not be affected by unlimited spells
UPDATE: Numerous thrown, kicked or falling items deal more reasonable damage, especially with low velocities
UPDATE: Kolmisilmä's shield can convert projectile damage fields in some circumstances
UPDATE: Alpha spell does not automatically cast another spell
UPDATE: Gamma spell does not automatically cast another spell
UPDATE: Random loadouts - Slime loadout has an actually castable third wand
UPDATE: Random loadouts - Eldritch loadout has the Projectile Repulsion Field perk as well as a way to dig
UPDATE: Lowered the resistance bonuses from Slime blood & Oil blood slightly, changed their description to clearly state the resistance effect
UPDATE: Reduced the cost of spells in Holy Mountains slightly
UPDATE: Made certain new enemies not able to suffocate
UPDATE: What is above is no longer exactly like what is below
UPDATE: Made some spells somewhat more common
UPDATE: Made Sauvojen tuntija drop both of its rewards every time
UPDATE: Rebalanced unlockable spell pools

UPDATE: All localizations are up to date
UPDATE: Added copies of the music machines in certain locations to further mitigate the chance of them being lost
UPDATE: Music machines have more health to make them harder to detonate accidentally
UPDATE: Increased changes of perk pool having all perks
UPDATE: Testing a slightly different freeze effect to maybe improve performance
UPDATE: Made Odd Firebolt have a more interesting flight pattern
UPDATE: Tweaked a kammi feature
UPDATE: Runestones activate as soon as you throw them
UPDATE: Daily run seed is fetched sooner, so the game mode menu does not have wait for it
UPDATE: Attempted to make acid slightly easier to differentiate from toxic sludge
UPDATE: Shop items and their price tags are properly centered
UPDATE: Perk descriptions can be seen before picking them up
UPDATE: Improved release notes UX

UPDATE: Biome modifier's texts are displayed more prominently
UPDATE: Made biome modifiers slightly more common

UPDATE: Updated some perk names and descriptions to better reflect their functionality
UPDATE: Perk description can be seen before you pick them up
UPDATE: Finally removed firearm imagery from certain spell icons

UPDATE: Perk - Certain perks that apply a one-time effect indicate this behavior in their name & icon
UPDATE: Perk - Always cast has a maximum of 4 Always Cast spells per wand
UPDATE: Perk - Improved Exploding corpses and Exploding Gold explosions
UPDATE: Perk - Attract gold has a longer range and stronger pull
UPDATE: Perk - The Oil blood perk gives protection against fire but doesn't give resistance to damage
UPDATE: Perk - Revenge explosion perk explodes harder and can't set the player on fire, + adds a 20% explosion resistance
UPDATE: Perk - The Homunculus perk can spawn homunculi in a larger variety of areas
UPDATE: Perk - The Homunculi's HP scales better towards the endgame
UPDATE: Perk - Added a 20% projectile damage resistance to Revenge Tentacle
UPDATE: Perk - Revenge bullets works more consistently and launches the revenge projectiles faster & with increased damage
UPDATE: Perk - Clarified some perk descriptions so that they more clearly state e.g. added resistances and such
UPDATE: Perk - Bounce also increases the duration of your spells
UPDATE: Perk - Low Gravity applies the gravity effect to enemies as well (experimental change)
UPDATE: Perk - High Gravity applies the gravity effect to enemies as well (experimental change)
UPDATE: Perk - High Mana, Low Capacity should no longer be able to remove Always Casts
UPDATE: Perk - Exploding gold has a more accurate description and its explosions work properly
UPDATE: Perk - Concentrated Spells increases recoil much less, to make it more useful
UPDATE: Perk - Boomerang Spells increases the speed and damage of your spells
UPDATE: Perk - Vampirism heals more and reduces your max hp less
UPDATE: Perk - Reduced Blood Money healing somewhat
UPDATE: Perk - Made Boomerang Shots not increase projectile damage for now as a placeholder fix to healing shot bugs
UPDATE: Perk - Re-implemented Plague rats rat friendship
UPDATE: Perk - Retired melee-only homunculus, changed it into a Magic Arrow -shooting version
UPDATE: Perks etc - plague rats, friendly ghost, homunculi etc don't turn berserk against player or each other on various berserk situations

UPDATE: Twitch integration - Usernames are picked from messages instead of the whole viewer list
UPDATE: Twitch integration - Votes can be cast while game is paused
UPDATE: Twitch integration - Votes can be changed while voting is in progress
UPDATE: Twitch integration - Enable/disable all events button in options
UPDATE: Twitch integration - The perk-spawning stream event's description is accurate to what it *actually* does

BUGFIX: UI Damage numbers support numbers that are over 2 billion
BUGFIX: Telekinetic kick works with Runestones and some other objects
BUGFIX: Ukkoshyypiö should no longer lose its aura after 2 minutes
BUGFIX: Fixed projectile transmutation field transmuting itself
BUGFIX: Fixed projectile thunder field transmuting itself
BUGFIX: Fixed projectile gravity field affecting itself
BUGFIX: Items could damage player if they changed faction
BUGFIX: It was possible to occasionally get stuck with Teleportitis dodge
BUGFIX: Yes/No boxes took previous ESC press for a No
BUGFIX: Kammi could cause slowdowns if player has massive maximum hitpoints
BUGFIX: Lower 'Cosmetic particle amount' settings affected some non-cosmetic particles
BUGFIX: Fixed a broken text entry BUGFIX: Fixed the two fish creatures being mixed-up in the progress menu
BUGFIX: Fixed Vault plasma cannons shooting too far
BUGFIX: Some biome modifiers could replace potion spawns in some cases
BUGFIX: Fixed curse of greed ignoring certain materials
BUGFIX: Damage field should no longer bug out when enemies die in specific ways
BUGFIX: Fixed some texturing bugs at the starting area
BUGFIX: Game mode list banners had rendering depth order issues
BUGFIX: Certain special ending code and progress tracking wasn't working
BUGFIX: Fixed Unstable Crystals teleporting oddly towards physical objects
BUGFIX: Fixed fish enemies having the wrong names
BUGFIX: Old save Yes/No message didn't specify the question being asked
BUGFIX: Crash - recent optimizations caused a crash when loading some save games
BUGFIX: Made Haavoittajamestari's status effect stop at 10 hp to prevent a hp-multiplying exploit
BUGFIX: Fixed an exploit that allowed still getting extra HP from enemies not meant to give it
BUGFIX: Fixed an ancient typo in lava reactions
BUGFIX: Fixed an exploit related to digging around spells in Holy Mountains
BUGFIX: Tower rewards disappeared at wrong times
BUGFIX: Twitch integration - Player immortality event erroneously stated that the effect would always last 1 minute
BUGFIX/MODDING: Fixed a bug with find_the_wand_held( entity_id )

MODDING: Added support for mod settings menus and persistent settings - see mods/example/settings.lua

MODDING: Improved entity lua API documentation - added type information
MODDING: Improved gui lua API documentation
MODDING: Removed lua_readtable from lua API documentation (it's not part of the API)

MODDING: Lua - Added EntityGetWandCapacity()
MODDING: Lua - Added StreamingGetConnectedChannelName()
MODDING: Lua - Added StreamingSetCustomPhaseDurations()
MODDING: Lua - Added StreamingForceNewVoting()
MODDING: Lua - Added StreamingSetVotingEnabled()
MODDING: Lua - Added ModSettingGet()
MODDING: Lua - Added ModSettingSet()
MODDING: Lua - Added ModSettingGetNextValue()
MODDING: Lua - Added ModSettingSetNextValue()
MODDING: Lua - Added ModSettingRemove()
MODDING: Lua - Added ModSettingGetCount()
MODDING: Lua - Added ModSettingGetAtIndex()
MODDING: Lua - Added GameIsBetaBuild()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiSlider()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiTextInput()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiTooltip()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiOptionsAdd()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiOptionsRemove()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiOptionsClear()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiOptionsAddForNextWidget()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiColorSetForNextWidget()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiIdPush()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiIdPop()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiAnimateBegin()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiAnimateEnd()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiAnimateAlphaFadeIn()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiAnimateScaleIn()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiImage()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiImageButton()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiGetScreenDimensions()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiGetTextDimensions()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiZSet()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiZSetForNextWidget()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiIdPushString()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiImageNinePiece()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiBeginAutoBox()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiEndAutoBoxNinePiece()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiBeginScrollContainer()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiEndScrollContainer()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiLayoutBeginLayer()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiLayoutEndLayer()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiGetImageDimensions()
MODDING: Lua - Added GuiGetPreviousWidgetInfo()
MODDING: Lua - GuiButton() parameter order is consistent with other Gui functions. The old order is also dynamically supported
MODDING: Lua - GuiLayoutAddHorizontalSpacing() takes optional amount parameter
MODDING: Lua - GamePrintImportant() takes optional ui art parameter, made second parameter optional
MODDING: Lua - StatsLogPlayerKill() takes optional 'klled_entity' parameter
MODDING: Lua - Removed StreamingGetSettingsGhostsNamedAfterViewers()
MODDING: Lua - Added OnModSettingsChanged hook (Accessible via init.lua)
MODDING: Lua - Added OnPausePreUpdate() hook (Accessible via init.lua)
MODDING: LuaComponent - added script_damage_about_to_be_received
MODDING: LuaComponent - script_damage_received gives the id of possible projectile that caused the damage
MODDING: Streaming integration - IRC commands can be handled on the lua side (with some limitations) MODDING - MISC
MODDING: Made potion spawning use a separate spawn table, found in data/scripts/item_spawnlists.lua


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by mighty ybaba

by Pinky Bowtie

by Oracle of the Obvious

by Dandelion

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