Noita 1.0 - UPDATE #14 - Oct 29 2020

We managed to cram so much content in this HOTFIX release PATCH that it makes sense to call it an UPDATE, which makes this the first proper update since Noita 1.0 released two weeks ago. Yay! This update comes with the usual bunch of new content, changes and fixes. There are also some performance optimizations, and some of the more powerful spell combos will now sound better.

Update #14 Release Notes (Oct 29 2020)

FEATURE: A new (WIP) challenge awaits you
FEATURE: New perk: Exploding gold
FEATURE: New perk: Faster projectiles
FEATURE: New perk: Remove worm and lukki digging
FEATURE: New perk: Extra wand slots
FEATURE: New perk: Teleportitis Dodge
FEATURE: New perk: High mana, low capacity
FEATURE: New perk: Homunculus
FEATURE: New spell: Quantum Split
FEATURE: New spell: Chain spell
FEATURE: New spell: Wand refresh
FEATURE: New spell: Mu
FEATURE: New spell: Larpa explosion
FEATURE: New spell: Larpa bounce
FEATURE: New enemy: Haavoittajamestari
FEATURE: New enemy: Sätkymestari
FEATURE: New item: Kammi
FEATURE: New stream event: Summon Random Homunculus
FEATURE: New stream event: Spawn perk
FEATURE: New stream event: Give Perks To Enemies
FEATURE: New stream event: Extreme Spread
FEATURE: New stream event: Matter Eater
FEATURE: New stream event: Excess Gas
FEATURE: New stream event: Summon Shielding Ghost
FEATURE: New stream event: Personal Invisibility
FEATURE: New stream event: Invisible Enemies
FEATURE: New stream event: Neutralized Spells

UPDATE: Updated to FMOD 2.0 audio engine
UPDATE: Added more variation to some spells sounds
UPDATE: Improved audio mix when using loud or high cast rate wands
UPDATE: Made unstable crystal destroy ground better
UPDATE: Made some end-level spells more expensive
UPDATE: Familiars spawned from eggs area bit more useful (maybe)
UPDATE: Certain rare wands hold more spells
UPDATE: The Hiisi have a new weakness
UPDATE: New Game+ boss is bit more difficult
UPDATE: "Install streaming integration mods" links to the category page on Steam Workshop
UPDATE: Remove Worm Digging also affects lukki digging
UPDATE: Ancient Laboratory has a new danger for you
UPDATE: Removed raincloud from the starting wand pool, added unstable crystal to replace it
UPDATE: Made several previously non-stackable perks stackable
UPDATE: Made spells that deal with recursion be able to stack up to a point
UPDATE: Changed "Extra wand slots" to "Extra wand capacity"
UPDATE: Made Destruction's downside a bit less severe

BUGFIX: Fixed certain spells not seemingly duplicating properly
BUGFIX: Hopefully fixed issues with certain new spells and their interactions with infite-cast spells
BUGFIX: Friendsip is now friendship, as it should be
BUGFIX: Made certain overworld areas not overly dark during daytime
BUGFIX: Fixed an item not updating its description
BUGFIX: Desert water evaporated too fast
BUGFIX: Lava appeared out of nowhere in some places
BUGFIX: Several spells ignored limited uses of other spells
BUGFIX: Certain sprites had the wrong info on them
BUGFIX: Destroying lanterns and some other objects counted towards 'Enemies slain'
BUGFIX: A tank enemy had wrong laser sight color
BUGFIX: Fixed a cause of audio stuttering when using high cast rate wands
BUGFIX: Summon portal spell worked anywhere
BUGFIX: Fixed typo in Chain spell spawn level
BUGFIX: Fixed certain spells not seemingly duplicating properly
BUGFIX/Modding: Fixed very large biome areas not working

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Version 2 Oct 29, 2020

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i like the look of the game but 19 pounds is a lot

Do I need to buy the game again if I bought it here to upgrade to 1.0?

Nevermind, I didn't see the 'you already bought this game' thing at the top of the page, sorry!!

Haha yeah. That's a juicy one.