HOTFIXES - Oct 16 2020

First set of Noita 1.0 🔥HOTFIXES🔥 straight out of the oven, steaming hot, probably burning everything and setting you ablaze. The hotfix fixes some of the most glaring bugs that sneaked in, adds a few cosmetic improvements, localizes unlocalized text, and adds a few features requested by modders.

In other news, the Noita 1.0 launch has been going great. We've very much enjoyed seeing all the new players discovering old things and seeing the old players discovering new things. Also its been a blast watching twitch streamers playing Noita with twitch integration :)

Btw. Here's a video from one the best Noita players McQueeb, explaining The biggest changes in Noita 1.0.

HOTFIXES - Oct 16 2020

UPDATE: Twitch integration - added some animations to the UI
UPDATE: Added a few missing localizations
UPDATE: Improved Emerald Tablet fade animation

BUGFIX: Daily run game mode description didn't have correct text
BUGFIX: Game over menu said "Completed the game" twice

MODDING: Restored common.csv and common_dev.csv stuff
MODDING: Lua - added OnPausedChanged( is_paused, is_inventory_pause ) hook (Accessible via init.lua)

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Version 41 Oct 16, 2020

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