Restart Update

OMG! You can now start a new game in Noita without having to restart the whole program! What kinda sorcery is this?

Besides pioneering the new technical innovation of restarting the game, we've also been adding a bunch of new stuff. There's new perks and enemies. But we've also been fixing bugs, and polishing backgrounds and biomes all around.

Update #12 release notes (Jun 24 2020)

FEATURE: Reset. We're pioneering a new frontier in the art of computing. New game works without having to restart the whole program. FEATURE: New perk: Levitation Trail
FEATURE: New perk: No Wand Editing
FEATURE: New perk: Trick Blood Money
FEATURE: New perk: Wand Experimenter
FEATURE: New perk: Gold is Forever
FEATURE: New perk: Living on the Edge
FEATURE: New perk: Telekinetic kick
FEATURE: New physical wires and hazardous objects
FEATURE: New rope bridges
FEATURE: New enemy: Jättilaser-lennokki
FEATURE: New enemy: Märkiäinen
FEATURE: New spell: Bomb Cart
FEATURE: Proper worm ragdolls
FEATURE: Proper lukki ragdolls
FEATURE: New secrets..

UPDATE: Backgrounds blend together in a less edgy way
UPDATE: Kolmisilmä has a custom shield. Increased base HP. Ceiling collapse works more reliably.
UPDATE: Improved some common wood textures
UPDATE: New Orbroom graphics
UPDATE: Tubelights hang on wires and they can give electric shocks when broken
UPDATE: New background structures in Coal Pits
UPDATE: New background in Fungal Caverns
UPDATE: New background in Underground Jungle
UPDATE: Improved lukki leg animation
UPDATE: Improved audio reverbs
UPDATE: Improved liquid audio
UPDATE: Improved audio mixing
UPDATE: Kuu's gravity now attracts all physics bodies
UPDATE: Black holes have gravity
UPDATE: Improved physics and destruction of Hiisi Base furniture
UPDATE: New materials with ingestion effects
UPDATE: New rare material: Healium
UPDATE: Memory use optimization - reduced baseline memory use by 10-15%
UPDATE: File access optimization - less redundant copies
UPDATE: Particle system optimization - parallel update and rendering

BUGFIX: Ragdoll joints weren't retained over a save-load cycle
BUGFIX: Lanterns and other props drifted spatially over a save-load cycle (fixed in some biomes)
BUGFIX: Mine cart sometimes had invisible forces holding it together when split in multiple parts
BUGFIX: Fixed some physical props losing their transform, destruction and other properties on a save-load cycle
BUGFIX: Intense Concentrated Light caused some spell combinations to stay perpetually alive
BUGFIX: Autoaim targeted the shooter if stained with Berserkium
BUGFIX: Fixed gamepad drinking and item drop binding conflict (now for reals)
BUGFIX: No More Shuffle perk should work a bit better
BUGFIX: Necromanced enemies drop wands when dying
BUGFIX: Chest drops are now deterministic

MODDING: Lua - added ModTextFileGetContent(), ModTextFileSetContent() and ModTextFileWhoSetContent() - for modfying text-based assets in memory
MODDING: Lua - added ModGetActiveModIDs()
MODDING: Lua - added GameSetPostFxParameter(), GameUnsetPostFxParameter()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityAddComponent2()
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsBody2InitFromComponents()
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsApplyForceOnArea()
MODDING: Lua - added DoesWorldExistAt()
MODDING: Lua - added ProceduralRandomi()
MODDING: Lua - added BiomeSetValue(), BiomeGetValue()
MODDING: Lua - added EntityApplyTransform()
MODDING: Lua - ComponentGet/SetValue2 API supports access to some internals of VerletPhysicsComponent. (For example masses, positions)
MODDING: Lua - utilities.lua - added component_read/write() helpers
MODDING: Lua - right click state can be read via ControlsComponent
MODDING: Added PhysicsBody2Component, PhysicsJoint2Component and Physics2JointMutatorComponent, an improved API for creating physics-based objects
MODDING: Added OnMagicNumbersAndWorldSeedInitialized hook (Accessible via init.lua. Use this when init needs world seed!)

Community Fan Art

by @edgymoss

Slimey boi by @simosimouk

Green F*** by New Enemy©

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The restart update is a lie. With or without mods I still a lot of random application relaunching and it bothers me more than it should.

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These details are enticing. Thanks for including more fan art.


No worries, the fan art is so cool. Its always the most fun part of doing these updates :)