Noita Update #9


It's a new year, a new decade and a new update. We had a nice holiday break and we've been getting back to adding new things to Noita. This update includes 7 new spells, 2 new perks, updates to visuals, Magical Temple layout update, new puzzle rooms and bug fixes.

Also the game is now on a 20% sale during the Lunar New Year Sale.

Warning! Spoilers and heavy gifs ahead!

Spell gifs

Here's some gifs of the new spells and perks.
Perk - Wand Radar

Detects nearby wands

Personal lightning caster

Causes creatures hit by the projectile to cast lightning in random directions.

Personal tentacler

Causes creatures hit by the projectile to rapidly grow tentacles in random directions

Heavy spread

The projectile has a much lower cast delay, but gains a lot of spread

You can see the rest of the spell gifs on our Twitter.

Update #9 release notes (Jan 24 2020)

FEATURE: 7 new spells

UPDATE: Overhauled Magical Temple layout and visuals
UPDATE: Overhauled Temple of the Art layout and visuals
UPDATE: Added new puzzle rooms to Temple of the Art and Snowy Depths
UPDATE: Enhanced trap box visuals and functionality
UPDATE: Added Enemy and wand radar perks
UPDATE: Alcohol emits flammable and intoxicating fumes
UPDATE: Mod menu improvements
UPDATE: Steam - Opening Steam overlay pauses the game
UPDATE: Saving the game after long sessions is now faster

BUGFIX: Teleport spell created shell casings
BUGFIX: Charmed enemies from eggs will now stay charmed

MODDING: Organized files in "data/biome_impl/" into subfolders (breaking change)
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetRootEntity()
MODDING: Lua - added GameCreateSpriteForXFrames()
MODDING: Added modding agreement

Community Fan Art

【Noita】by @Rtn_ofthedead

Playing some #Noita by @samhears

U'll be noited, noited everywhere by @anglegentle</a>

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Version 26 Jan 24, 2020

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