Noita update #6


This update adds new perks and spells, along with a new ability to re-roll your perk options in the Holy Mountains in exchange for money. We've also adjusted the game balance, implemented new modding-related utilities and added new secrets...

Update #6 release notes (Nov 5 2019)
FEATURE: Perks can be rerolled with gold
FEATURE: Added 4 new perks
FEATURE: Added 7 new spells
FEATURE: Added 2 new secret areas
FEATURE: Added 2 new enemies
FEATURE: Secret area is harder to get to

UPDATE: Repositioned a secret item into a more sensible spot
UPDATE: Gave a monster the lair it deserves
UPDATE: Buffed "Slime blood" perk - removes slime slowdown from player
UPDATE: Wands with high reload times are now more interesting
UPDATE: Wands have a new secret ability
UPDATE: Gave a certain monster a new tool

BUGFIX: Gamepad cursor sometimes focused on screen corner
BUGFIX: Emerald tablets did collision damage to berserked player
BUGFIX: Rock spell did collision damage to berserked player
BUGFIX: Several spells listed a wrong type
BUGFIX: Enemies killed with lightning dropped double gold
BUGFIX: Enemies killed with bombs dropped double gold
BUGFIX: Performance/modding - some sprite rendering code paths were slow if any mods were enabled
BUGFIX: Rerolled perks rolled off screen
BUGFIX: Throw button rebinding didn't work
BUGFIX: Certain spells could deal ludicrous damage every frame
BUGFIX: "Boomerang spells" perk could break modifiers
BUGFIX: "Explosion on Slimy Enemies" and similar spells always did the effect if target had never been stained
BUGFIX: Teleporting sometimes moved entities inside walls
BUGFIX: UI - "Always casts" row layout was a bit broken
BUGFIX: Inventory/gamepad - dragging a flask where it couldn't be dropped made player drink it
BUGFIX: Endings were broken
BUGFIX: Sentient wands would bug out when saving and loading
BUGFIX: A reward chest was spawning inconsistently
BUGFIX: Crash - rare crashes in inventory logic
BUGFIX: Crash - "Personal Gravity Field" crashed the game
BUGFIX: Crash - when there were too many particles
BUGFIX: Crash - very rare crash caused by the player cape

MODDING: Mod list is scrollable
MODDING: Lua - improved error reporting when C++ code calls lua functions
MODDING: Lua - added ComponentGetMetaCustom( component_id, variable_name )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsGetComponentAngularVelocity( entity_id, component_id )
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsVecToGameVec( x, y )
MODDING: Lua - added GameVecToPhysicsVec( x, y )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadius( pos_x, pos_y, radius )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityGetInRadiusWithTag( pos_x, pos_y, radius, entity_tag )
MODDING: Lua - added GameDropAllItems( entity_id )
MODDING: Added new tags to various objects - easier object identification via tags
MODDING/BUGFIX: "Random starting loadouts" mod - one of the loadouts had incorrectly configured stain maps

Mod Highlights

Noita+ - modworkshop
"This mod restructures the overall world layout to provide a much larger area to play and progress in, similar to a more open-world style of play like a Metroidvania. All orb rooms and essence locations are preserved, and are now able to be accessed by regular play. You are also able to eventually return to the surface to complete the true ending, if you can survive! Also included are some minor gameplay tweaks to make it more feasible to endure and survive the new extended map."

Nuke's mods - GitHub
Adjusted wands, new spells, new items, new perks, and more!

Community Fan Art

Noita by Conlan Parkman

noita is a game that you hold egg in by @loni_art

Shopping by nemcade

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