Noita update #5

this update enables the experimental mod support for Noita. Also there are a bunch of new spells, enemies, perks and a lot of bug fixes.

The updates includes a mod that lets you start the game with characters from different schools of magic. Also there are already a number of small and big mods available for Noita made by the community. You can find them at

Update #5 release notes (Oct 23 2019)

FEATURE: Added experimental mod support (Pause->Mods). To get started with making mods, see Noita/tools_modding folder
FEATURE: Added 12 new spells, 2 new enemies and 3 new perks FEATURE: Added a secret wormy thing UPDATE: Touch of X -spells are now more consistent and have more maximum uses, circle of X -spells have more uses UPDATE: Holy mountain guardian now takes few seconds to spawn
UPDATE: Added a secret ending
UPDATE: Worm crystals are more effective BUGFIX: 'Perk lottery' added invisible items into inventory
BUGFIX: Boss could be polymorphed
BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy/creature icons to the progress menu BUGFIX: Alt tabbing when teleporting killed you
BUGFIX: Teleport projectile could kill you if you teleported too far
BUGFIX: Tiny physics bodies shouldn't do as much damage to the player
BUGFIX: Sometimes angering the Gods spawned two guards
BUGFIX: Crash - when generating potion name BUGFIX: Gunpowder explosions now more accurately represent the actual explosion radius MODDING: Custom audio bank support (see Noita/tools_modding/noita-fmod-project)
MODDING: Reports mod init errors on game start
MODDING: Lua - added DebugGetIsDevBuild(), GameGetRealWorldTimeSinceStarted()
MODDING: Lua - added OnWorldInitialized(), OnWorldPreUpdate(), OnWorldPostUpdate(), OnPlayerSpawned() hooks (accessible via init.lua)
MODDING: Lua - added PhysicsApplyTorqueToComponent( entity_id, component_id, float torque ), PhysicsApplyTorque( entity_id, float torque )
MODDING: Lua - added EntityRemoveTag( entity_id, tag ), EntityGetClosest( pos_x, pos_y ), EntityGetWithName(entity_id) (note: slow!)
MODDING: Lua - added GamePickUpInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id ), added GameKillInventoryItem( owner_entity_id, item_entity_id )
MODDING: Lua - basic lua sandboxing and mod privilege system (breaking change)
MODDING: Lua - removed GameDirector (breaking change)
MODDING/BUGFIX: Lua - EntityHasTag() - adds the queried tag to entity

Community Fan Art

The Witch by Kiwi

Witches are known for their ingenuity by shutmc2

Hämis Hugs by Moth-Ghost

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Version 15 Oct 23, 2019

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