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If your looking to buy the Steam version, don't make the same mistake I did. This version does not come with a Steam key. It's DRM free. If you want the Steam version, it can be found here:

Steam Version of Noita


It was quite obvious from the beginning that it is only DRM free version. :) Screw Steam! :D


Well yeah, itch isn't steam, the game's page said nothing about giving you a steam key. This is a different store. In any other storefront it would be considered strange to comment on something to tell people to buy it somewhere else. How come this is deemed reasonable by players on itch?


You must be bored to go necroposting on something people said almost a year ago, and actually asked quite often back then. When I made the post a while back, I purchased many a title. Most said nothing about steam keys, yet they did end up coming with one, which by the way, I did in fact get. My post was not a complaint or rant, it was just a comment to answer what many asked before me but got no reply. I myself prefer drm free, if it can be helped, though I do look for dual packs for titles that are multi player, or might have multiplayer in the future since half the multi player titles out there wont let both steam and non steam players play on same server, unless both versions are owned. Starbound is one of them. Was only last year I found out that the server version for Steam would not allow certain mods, yet their clients did. Using the non steam server, both steam and non steam players can play on one server, and with all the mods as well.


Someone replied to another comment i made on here so I found myself looking at the other comments. call it "necro posting" but people continue to post about steam on itch like this, and Noita is releasing proper real soon, so theres a lot of people looking at these comments now comparatively. Less than a year is a very short time in the grand scheme of htings.

Bottom line is, people should stop expecting that games you purchase on itch come with steam keys. This is a different store. Just like it would be ridiculous to comment on a PS4 release and say "just so you know, it doesn't come with a copy of the xbox version. If you want the xbox version go to the xbox store  here: [link to game on xbox store]" It doesn't make sense to expect this. It is also not even close to universally true that multiplayer games on steam don't share servers with DRM free releases etc.

my only criticism of this game is that i think it tries too hard to be difficult for its own sake. but that is a minor complaint when considering how much ass this game whips. the spell system gives you a ton of creativity and flexibility and the physics simulation will blow your mind constantly. love the soundtrack too. 

awsome game!

Fantastic game. I love how dedicated the dev team is.

Now all I need to do is actually become good at this game!


The experience so far can't be expressed with much words. It has been a frabjous experience to get Early Access(Humble Bundle) to this game. Having seen this game through all Updates, Patches and Bug Fixes for over 2-3 Weeks, all I want to say is the team is working very hard and it pleases as a member of the Gaming Community to see such passion. Thanks for this piece of awesome content.

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Is there a linux version planned?

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Mac version


Works on mxLinux with Proton 4.11

I like it very much (bought), however the speed varies wildly for my machine, could you optimize it further?


any way to play on the beta branch like steam users?


If this comes with a key, it helps to advertise it. Thats the only thing holding me back from contributing.


I purchased it anyway. Hope there is a key for it later. Sadly, cant play this till tomorrow =( Im already dying for my Noita fix, and haven't even played the bloody game yet!!! Life is so cruel (Including the cereal box when its empty)

Why are you so desperate for a steam key? Buying the game here gives you the ability to play it just as well and keep it up to date etc?

Go figure. Games actually released on Steam already. Ooopps

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I think they are attached to the backgroud wall. 


the name means a witch. k bye


Congratulations on the release! :) I've been following this project for ages!


Congrats on the release!! Would love to see macOS support for this :)






Fourthed? Yeah, Fourthed!




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wish I could buy it.


I really hope you consider supporting Linux, I'm really eager to play this!



Is not the price too high ? 

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No, not at all.  This price is actually really cheap for what you're getting.  If you're unsure on the game, there are people streaming it right now.  It's really fun.


yeah the game looks very neat and polished cant wait to buy it when I get the money


Probably too low. Games shouldn't be priced under $20, it's a shame that game makers have to do that to comply with expectations set by a terrible culture created by mobile stores and constant discounts.


To be fair, that's less the effect of a race to the bottom and more the explosion of options in recent years, weighed against a game's complexity, potential spectrum of appeal, replayability, and the finite capacity of the public's bank accounts. After playing it, I can only liken it to TowerClimb; a similarly impressive low-priced roguelite pixel-based labor of love with an incomprehensibly high difficulty curve that, at present, is going to ultimately limit its potential audience.

I thought so too at first, but I literally play it every day before and after work. I love it! Totally worth it! Unlike my purchase of Blasphemous on the PS4, that game looks great but boring as hell.


MacOS users are people too...


Not according to Apple, the last few years!


Yayy! Finally :D

🐧 Linux version pleasee 🐧


Deleted 3 years ago

Awsome, have to check it out!


You can also put your bicycle in your car ;)


Also requesting a native GNU/Linux version. Cheers, the game is looking wonderful!





If I buy this on Itch, do I also get a Steam key by any chance?


I'm pretty sure the text below the "Buy Now" button is autogenerated, if it doesn't mention "your purchase also comes with a Steam key" then you're out of luck.  Presently you can get the DRM-free and Steam key combo if you get it from the Humble Store, though.


Good to know.  I remember that Dicey Dungeons didn't give a Steam key till it left early access, and then sent everybody one.  That was nice.  I'd like to support Noita on Itch to make sure the devs get the best cut of the sale.  I'll probably do that ANYWAY, but an eventual Steam key would be good to have.


yeah im with you. clicking the buy button now :)


Trying to run the game on wine, no luck so far. Hope you have time for a linux release. Can't wait to play!

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I had to install vcrun2013 using winetricks, otherwise as Alpha said, it works in proton.


Looking forward to a Linux release if you have the time. Thank you!


First of all, thanks for releasing on Itch! That means a lot to me!

I've only played for 37 minutes, but I want to share a few things:

-This game is AMAZING. I love, love, love it so much. There's too many things about it that I'm really enjoying to list here.

-Every time I play a new game, all of the stats reset, which is kind of a bummer, but I understand it's Early Access (O:  (I'm using the Itch app, btw)

-The teleporter perk is really, really chaotic and I love it. It also clipped me into the perks room, inside a wall. Sadly my screenshot didn't save, but I'm not sure if that was intentional or not? I got out with a bomb wand, though that may have been because the explosion damaged me and activated the teleportation. Not sure.

-This is probably the first game I purchased as soon as I possibly could (since my PS2 days), and it's been totally worth the wait!


Stats reset on death is because its a rogue-like not because of early access


I meant that I break all of my records every time I start a new game, and the death count is always 1. Whenever I click New Game, the application shuts down and restarts.


This bug has been fixed and progress should no longer reset upon death :)

Yes, I saw this! Thank you!


Looks very promising, going to buy this from Steam when it gets there. The game's listing for

Games > Action > Free

might be a bit misleading though.




This looks awesome, can't wait

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you gonna get banned for spamming my friend


Good work, I am waiting for this awesome game half year. Finally its ready to be released. I have wishlisted it on Steam. Definitely buying after first release ;)

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