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really really love this game

impeccable experience and I can tell I've only just scratched the surface

are you aware that extra mouse buttons aren't bindable in the controls options? (in my case the thumb buttons on the side) would be cool if this was possible, i would love to kick with mouse 4

Art is GORGEOUS... that lighting is perfect... the liquid mechanic just perfect for me even tho im not really good at this game


this game is like if terraria and gungeon had a beautiful baby inheriting all the best aspects plus a lots more.

kinda epic ngl. 


Hey got a question, so if you got it on itch is there a way to get a steam key or would you have to buy it on steam


 Looking forward to Switch version

Gorgeous, that's all

This game is incredible

This game is magnificent. Looking forward to future updates!

Deleted 130 days ago

The state of the game implies to me that this delay should be the longest. Who knows what they're cooking? I guess you'd have to be a certain kind of sponsor or tester to know. They have a devblog, but it has been silent.

Usually the releases or updates occur at least once a month


Is there going to be a macOS build?

It seems that the devs are focusing on finishing the game, getting it out of early access, for windows and once that's done they might release a macOS version. But this will likely not come about anytime soon, at least not within this year since the game has already been worked on for at least 5 years yet it's still in early access.


This game is incredible. If you’re even just considering then go buy it! We covered a run on the YouTube anyone is curious for raw gameplay:


When I saw how it looks, I was thinking "it looks way too good to be true, there's no way they will deliver a complete, consistent thing". Then I saw you are the same developer that created some of my all-time favorite puzzle games (I had no idea it was the same developer all along but I am not surprised now).  Thanks for making awesome games, and thanks for publishing it to my favorite game store.


can you create a discord server, the game is incredible (i have it on steam) and i'd very much like to easily ask questions i can't get my novice head round, also i'd like to be able to interact with you awesome devs :)

I very much enjoy the mechanics here. I understand it's early access, but I would prefer more early game start stuff, maybe a bit of a survival/story, too? Still, great game.

I also decided to try this from my notebook which has Intel i3-8130u processor, instead of the Steam's minimum i5; it still works perfectly!

There is a story, its just a bit hidden, you need to complete the game through both means to understand the story as its almost entirely contained on the emerald tablets hidden around the world

This game looks so amazing!!

i bought this on steam and its awesome hard but awesome everybody who likes terraria need to try this 


Hello, I am a Chinese game industry worker. I am also a fan of your game. Are you interested in bringing your work to China and letting more Chinese players experience it? If you have this need, you can leave me a contact information. Our profession is to release games.


Why is this downvoted so heavily? 


Amazing  XD

Do you think this turtle game would have any appeal in China?


I'm sorry that I personally found the game very interesting, but I think the appeal in China is average



I love this game, it may be a simple concept, but it's executed so well!!

The game is beautiful to look at, the rendering of the pixel physics in real time make this a true feast for the eyes and the game play is fast, frantic and somewhat rewardingly addictive!!

If you like roguelikes and pixel platformers then you won't go far wrong with this one... 

Go and check it out!!

Hey, how can I update the game without losing my progression? (and without steam)...


use the app


If your looking to buy the Steam version, don't make the same mistake I did. This version does not come with a Steam key. It's DRM free. If you want the Steam version, it can be found here:

Steam Version of Noita


It was quite obvious from the beginning that it is only DRM free version. :) Screw Steam! :D

my only criticism of this game is that i think it tries too hard to be difficult for its own sake. but that is a minor complaint when considering how much ass this game whips. the spell system gives you a ton of creativity and flexibility and the physics simulation will blow your mind constantly. love the soundtrack too. 

awsome game!

Fantastic game. I love how dedicated the dev team is.

Now all I need to do is actually become good at this game!


The experience so far can't be expressed with much words. It has been a frabjous experience to get Early Access(Humble Bundle) to this game. Having seen this game through all Updates, Patches and Bug Fixes for over 2-3 Weeks, all I want to say is the team is working very hard and it pleases as a member of the Gaming Community to see such passion. Thanks for this piece of awesome content.

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Is there a linux version planned?

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Mac version


Works on mxLinux with Proton 4.11

I like it very much (bought), however the speed varies wildly for my machine, could you optimize it further?


any way to play on the beta branch like steam users?


If this comes with a key, it helps to advertise it. Thats the only thing holding me back from contributing.

I purchased it anyway. Hope there is a key for it later. Sadly, cant play this till tomorrow =( Im already dying for my Noita fix, and haven't even played the bloody game yet!!! Life is so cruel (Including the cereal box when its empty)

Go figure. Games actually released on Steam already. Ooopps

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a bit of a glich in the beginning you can create floating lamps by destroying above the lamps and they wont fall

I think they are attached to the backgroud wall. 


the name means a witch. k bye


Congratulations on the release! :) I've been following this project for ages!


Congrats on the release!! Would love to see macOS support for this :)






Fourthed? Yeah, Fourthed!



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wish I could buy it.


I really hope you consider supporting Linux, I'm really eager to play this!



Is not the price too high ? 

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No, not at all.  This price is actually really cheap for what you're getting.  If you're unsure on the game, there are people streaming it right now.  It's really fun.


yeah the game looks very neat and polished cant wait to buy it when I get the money


Probably too low. Games shouldn't be priced under $20, it's a shame that game makers have to do that to comply with expectations set by a terrible culture created by mobile stores and constant discounts.


To be fair, that's less the effect of a race to the bottom and more the explosion of options in recent years, weighed against a game's complexity, potential spectrum of appeal, replayability, and the finite capacity of the public's bank accounts. After playing it, I can only liken it to TowerClimb; a similarly impressive low-priced roguelite pixel-based labor of love with an incomprehensibly high difficulty curve that, at present, is going to ultimately limit its potential audience.

I thought so too at first, but I literally play it every day before and after work. I love it! Totally worth it! Unlike my purchase of Blasphemous on the PS4, that game looks great but boring as hell.


MacOS users are people too...


Not according to Apple, the last few years!


Yayy! Finally :D

🐧 Linux version pleasee 🐧



You can play in linux with steam using proton :D


Awsome, have to check it out!


You can also put your bicycle in your car ;)


Also requesting a native GNU/Linux version. Cheers, the game is looking wonderful!

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